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Riyadh Chapter #6756

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H.O.G which stands for Harley Owners Group is an international group that unifies HD owners/riders all over the world with a common riding passion, same safety concerns and same message to be broadcasted within each society that each chapter belongs to, H.O.G Riyadh Chapter shares all those common values with any other chapter worldwide while having an added value that goes with our Arabic culture and our Saudi society traditions...(continue reading)

Director's Word


I would like to welcome the Officers and Members of Riyadh Chapter to our new website.

Our chapter was so fortunate to be having a devoted and expert Webmaster Officer- Obay Aljerian who made this website up and running.

You will find on our website, many exciting events, activities, and our calendar as well as safety information, new rider information, meeting dates, and much more. We are a chapter committed to riding safe and having fun.

We bring a diverse collection of Harley owners together, all sharing the passion of riding Harley Davidson motorcycle. If you are not a current member and would like more information about joining our family, please feel free to contact our membership officer to assist you.

Besides lifelong friendships and long lasting memories, there are a wide range of benefits offered to HOG membership. We would like to reach out and invite any Harley Davidson owner to join and participate in our group. Whether you are a daily rider or ride when you are on holidays, there are plenty of people from all walks of life who will extend a hand and welcome you as a friend.


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success


Mishal Al Rasheed



Mohammed Othman

secretary Officer


Ahmaed Adada

Head Road Captain


Feras AL Saeed

Membership Officer


Bader Almisfer

Safety Officer


Mehmet Rifaioglu

Safety Officer


Mohamed Tariq

Activity Officer


Antria Dimaki Panagiotou

Ladies of Harley Officer


Ammar Sidqi

Social Media Officer


Wael Nour

Photography Officer


Bader AL Ajeyan



Omar Al-sheikh



Waleed Al-housain



Mohammed Al Eid



Obay Aljerian

Webmaster Officer


Road Team

Ahmad Adada (HRC)

Abdulfatah Taleb

Firas Bakir

waleed Alhussain

Rakan Almodaifer

Saeb Abousleiman

Mohammed Aleid

Bader Almisfer

Mohammed Othman

Hassan Aloraini

Amjad Alsumait

Mohamed Tariq

Ammar Barakat

Mishal Alrasheed

Dhia Karajih

Riyadh Faden

Ahmed Shaar

Naif Aloayed

Mohammad Maghrabi

Mehmet Rifaioglu

Ahmed Alaghbash

Abdullah Alnamlah

Wael Nour

Mubarak Al-Dosari

Alaa El Din Mostafa

Ammar Sidqi

Malik Nusuli

Siraj Bides

Ahmad Alaghbash

Saeed Alqahtani

Abdelelah Alqahtani

Rakan Alkhlafi

Fadi Taha

Ahmad Aldubaiki

Hani Alzahrani

Mohammad Alhalabi

Obay Aljerian