Motorcycle Hand Signals

Motorcyclists often have to communicate with other people on the road much more often than people who drive cars. These are the basic hand signals every rider should know. During a group ride, if the Road Captain gives a hand or foot signal try to pass it back but only if it is safe for you to take your hand off the handlebars.



Left Turn

Signal you are making a left turn by extending your left arm straight out at a 90 degree angle to your body

Left turn

Right Turn

Signal a right turn extend your left arm out and bend it at the elbow so your hand is pointing upwards. The reason this is done is because motorcyclists control their speed with the throttle in their right hand, so they can't very well extend their right arm to signal or else they would slow down

Right turn


Signal you are making a full stop by extending your left arm sideways and bend your arm at a 90-degree angle at the elbow joint, hand pointing downwards and the palm of your hand facing backwards


Speed Up

Signal to speed up by extending your arm straight out and swing upward

Speed up

Slow Down

Signal to slow down by extending your left hand to the side straight out and motion downward

Slow down

Hazard in Road

If you spot something dangerous on the road just point at it with your foot or hand depending on the side to where the danger is located

Hazard in road way

Single File (Formation)

Raise your left arm overhead extended upward. This indicates the leader wants the group in a single file formation. Usually this is done for safety reasons

Single file

Double File (Staggered Formation)

Raise your left arm overhead with your index and pinkie finger extended. This indicate that it is safe to return to staggered formation

Double file


Signal you need fuel by putting your arm out to the side pointing to the tank with finger extended