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H.O.G.® Riyadh Chapter # 6756 History


H.O.G which stands for Harley Owners Group is an international group that unifies HD owners/riders all over the world with a common riding passion, same safety concerns and same message to be broadcasted within each society that each chapter belongs to, H.O.G Riyadh Chapter shares all those common values with any other chapter worldwide while having an added value that goes with our Arabic culture and our Saudi society traditions in respect to our entourage.

H.O.G Riyadh chapter was established by the first group of Harley Davidson proud owners in Saudi Arabia back in 2004, and with a lot of hard work and dedication H.O.G Riyadh chapter grew from 4 members to more than 800 member which is where we are today.

Now we are a group of people sharing the same passion … RIDING ! not any riding, but Harley Davidson motorcycle riding, We are committed to be part of a brotherhood while respecting the general riding rules, safety tips and morals of being part of the Saudi society.

We are taking riders profile to another dimension showing that this sport is about having fun, staying safe and growing the brotherhood among us while holding on to our Saudi culture respecting our heritage and serving our civil community in the best way possible.